• The Largest & Longest Running event on Resi Development Planning in the UK takes place on 26th September
  • Huge Audience from Across the Country expected on 26th September...
  • High level audience of Developers and Local Authorities expected at Viability & Planning event

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Viability, s106, CIL and Planning

Sell out Audience expected once again at the 12th Annual Viability & Planning Conference on 28th September #LD Events

Viability, s106, CIL and Planning

Must attend event for those involved with a Resi Planning Permission #viabilityevent

Viability, s106, CIL and Planning

Record Audience from across the country expected at 12th Annual Development Viability Conference - new larger venue #viability


The conference takes place on Thursday 26th September 2019 at ETC Venues - St Pauls, London. 

This hugely popular Annual Conference is now in it's 12th year and is long established as a must attend event with Developers and Local Authorities from across the UK. It is by far the largest and longest running event on Residential Development Planning in the UK and attracts a sell out audience each year. We expect huge popularity again in 2019 so please book early to guarantee your places.

The 2019 National Conference has been completely updated to offer a fresh perspective on current Viability and Planning issues. If you are involved with Residential Development Planning Permissions then this is the event for you.


Conference Timetable



Welcome & Housekeeping from our Chairman

Roger Hepher, Director, HGH



Opening Address - The Government Perspective on the Direction of the Planning System

Understanding the policies and potential impact of the new NPPF – where are we going & what will it deliver?

What can we expect out of the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government in the next 12 months?

How can we get to 300,000 homes and how does planning rank as a key aspect to achieving it?

What is the progress of the Government Consultation on Viability and can we reach a point where confrontation can be avoided?

Understanding the Housing Delivery Test – how will it work in practice and how will it be phased in?

What is the position with Land Value Capture & how do we strike a balance between collecting money for infrastructure without reducing land supply?

Simon Gallagher, Director of Planning, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government



The Private Sector response to the latest changes to the planning system

Politics & Planning – What are the realities for Delivery?

What part does Politics play in Planning?

Why is there still such significant gap between Planning Permissions granted and Homes actually delivered?

What are the potential Brexit impacts?

Ian Anderson, Executive Director, Iceni Projects



London – How is Planning in London working to deliver more housing?

The New London Plan – How will it work in practice and how has the draft been received?

Will it enhance relationships between the GLA & the London Boroughs?

How does the new plan make it possible to more than double double Housing Supply from 30,000 to 65,000?

How will the GLA work with Local Authorities outside the London Boundaries & why is this significant?

How is the Mayor’s fast track approach for 35% Affordable Working & what percentage of applicants accept the deal?

How do Late Stage reviews work & how can developers have certainty when such a process exists?

Jennifer Peters, Head of London Plan and Growth Strategies, GLA

Plans, Plans and more Plans – working out where we are with Local Plans, Neighbourhood Plans & Strategic Plans

How do these various plans work together and what is the state of play with each?

Local Plans and Objectively Assessed Need

Neighbourhood Plans – Can they really be used to promote development & how significant a force are they?

Are we now seeing a resurgence in Strategic Planning across the UK and what are the benefits?

Iain Gilbey, Partner – Head of Planning, Pinsent Masons



Questions for Simon, Ian, Jennifer & Iain



11.15am - Coffee & Networking Opportunities



The Key Planning Decisions from the Last Year

What significant Planning Appeal Decisions have there been & why are they significant?

Which Court decisions & Secretary of State Decisions which affect planning do we need to be aware of and why?

Which recent appeals and case law are crucial to Viability? What do developers and Local Authorities need to know about?

What is the current transparency situation with Viability?

Simon Ricketts, Partner, Town Legal



Review Mechanisms & appeal strategies - Understanding the Planning Inspectorate approach

How will viability be treated on appeal?

What are the trends in the numbers of appeals to PINS?

What is being allowed and what are the current timeframes?

Where do NSIPs (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects) fit in and how does this process work?

Simone Wilding, Head of Major Casework, Planning Inspectorate



Questions for Simon & Simone



Looking at the link between Infrastructure & Housing

How to decide which comes first – the housing or the infrastructure

How do major transport hubs & regeneration fit together?

Why is major infrastructure so key to mass delivery of housing?

Looking at Local infrastructure – how is this important to building a community?

How does planning and delivery fit into this process and what is the reality?

Will we see more Tax Increment Financing? (TIF)

What is the role played by new communities in getting housing delivered and how can we plan for the ‘right homes in the right places’?

How do we identify areas where large scale development can take place?

What is the situation with new Garden Villages & Towns?

John McManus, Deputy Director – Land & Housing Delivery, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government



How can Local Authorities have a modern professional approach to the Planning System that delivers Housing?

Looking at bringing in Private Sector Assistance – when does this work well?

How does the Planning Performance Agreement build a stronger relationship between the Local Authority and Developer – how does it work and what are the incentives?

How could future interaction and initiatives between Private and Public Sector Planners be advantageous to the process and understanding each other’s role?

How else can we break down Private & Public Sector barriers to improve the Planning Process?

How can Public Private Joint Ventures help deliver more Housing and where does the planning system fit in?

Stewart Murray, Strategic Director of Economic Growth, Waltham Forest Council



Questions for John & Stewart




Networking Lunch Session



What we need to know about Residential Development Viability in the Current Market

(15 minutes per speaker, followed by questions)


Consultations, Guidance & Legislation – where are we with Viability at the moment & what is coming?
What are the Government, the RICS & the Letwin Commission working on with regards to Viability and what does this mean for Developers, Local Authorities and other parties involved?
Robert Fourt, Partner, Gerald Eve


Best Practice Guide for Developers on doing a Viability Assessment – Avoiding Common Pitfalls and Mistakes.

Understanding the Local Authority perspective on viability – What are they looking for and how should they work with developers?

How does the duty to deliver affect the Local Authority view?

Understanding Benchmark Land Value and how Market Value is calculated, Valuation Date & it's effect on sales values and costs, and Review Mechanisms

Do Viability Studies really reflect the Developer’s decisionmaking Process?

Andy Leahy, Managing Director, Bespoke Property Group

Where are we with developer contributions for Residential Development?
How can Local Authorities best ‘value capture’ from new development, both with current legal realities and in an ideal world?

What is happening on the ground & how much can Local Authorities realistically capture before they stifle development?

What are the current CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) & Section 106 regimes and how have the various reviews worked and been implemented?

Do we need to go further and how can we improve this system?
Anthony Lee,Senior Director, BNP Paribas Real Estate



How can Local Authorities work with Developers to Deliver more Housing?

Is it time for innovation and pragmatism to come to the fore to facilitate delivery?

What do LAs look for when working with developers and what is the best approach to a planning application?

Best practices for Pre Application, Application, compliance, fees and delivery – How Developers can best work with the Local Authority?

What is the Local Authority view on Planning Performance Agreements?

Tim Hill, Chief Planner, Leeds City Council



Panel Session: How can a collaborative approach between developers & LAs best be achieved?

How can the Planning Permission & Development process be made more efficient?

How do Local Authorities view the current planning system & what is their opinion on current legislative changes?

The Developer Perspective on Viability, CIL and the Changes to the Planning System

How can the private sector help Local Authorities?

What would make life easier from their point of view and what do they like about the system?


Alice Lester, Head of Planning, Transport & Licensing, London Borough of Brent

James Freeman, Head of Planning, Swale Borough Council

Kate Ives, Development Director, Wates Developments
Tim Hill, Chief Planner, Leeds City Council

Roger Hepher, Director, HGH



Close and Networking Drinks Session



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